Woodland Survival Course - 3 Days

Woodland Survival – 24th – 26th April 2020

Woodland Survival Course with Human Animal, UK

Based down in Dorset, our woodland survival course really is a step into the wild.

Dorset, UK – 24th to 26th April 2020

Fill up your senses in the forest on our woodland survival course. Superb skills taught by our friendly and approachable instructors. Explore the woods, find a place to camp and build your shelter. Learn how to create rudimentary tools to hunt, build a fire and cook with.

Our weekend survival course is ultimately a challenge in surviving an unexpected situation you may find yourself in – isolated, alone and in the outdoor environment with very limited kit (which we will provide you with).

You are allocated a survival zone in which you will commit yourself to surviving the weekend, individually and coping alone, with regular updates and visits from instructors, offering advice and guidance where needed.