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Sheepskin Tanning - 2 Days

Sheepskin Tanning Course

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11/05/2019 - 12/05/2019 130
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Sheepskin Tanning

Sheepskin Tanning Workshop

Come learn the ancient art of tanning! This is a skill all our ancestors carried, being essential to life for clothing, bedding and making other utilitarian and ceremonial items.

At the end of the weekend you will come away with a beautiful cosy sheepskin rug and the skills for tanning any animal hide with hair/wool left on, from washing, scraping, racking & drying, egging to stretching.

“Please note that this is a visceral class but highly rewarding. I myself have been a vegetarian since I was 8 but have found this ancient art deepening my relationships with animals, in a respectful honouring way. When I tanned my first hide (a deer hide into buckskin in California about 6 years ago) I felt an ancient remembering awoken inside of me, the muscle memory of thousands of years of ancestral knowledge.”

Materials fee: €10

Saturday begins at 9am with registration and a short introduction. Courses start at 10am and finish up at about 5pm each day. Lunch is usually at 1pm. Súgán chair usually goes over time on the Sunday evening, sometimes as late as 8pm in order to complete all chairs. Saturday night is spent around the camp fire telling tales and singing, so remember to bring your instruments and warm up your vocal chords!

Once known as Weekend in the Woods, this popular two day event is now held at Slieve Aughty Centre, an eco friendly and certified organic venue, situated 10 km outside Loughrea town in county Galway. A busy equestrian and activity centre, the venue has ample space for parking, camping and even has 9 glorious bedrooms and two lodges for those who wish to experience some luxury for a night or two. Meals are prepared by the team at Slieve Aughty Centre, and must be booked in advance. You can email or ring them on 090 9745 246.

Those attending the events, spend two days learning their chosen skill. Most students go home with a finished piece, although this is not the objective of the event. The aim is to teach the techniques and skills needed to go home and continue the craft or subject studied over the weekend.

Come with us. Learn a skill, soak up the culture, have fun and make everlasting friendships.

CELT, founded in 2001, is a national charity for environmental education and training and is an award-winning provider of training in traditional and ecological skills, focused on promoting caring for the environment and living in a sustainable manner by using locally sourced natural and recycled materials to make the things we need – tools, buildings, furniture, utensils, sports equipment and toys. 

The CELT ‘Weekend in the Woods’ events are held 2 – 3 times a year at Slieve Aughty Centre (Loughrea, Co. Galway) attracting 100’s of participants interested in learning ecological and traditional skills and knowledge and also because of the scenic rural location and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in between learning modules.

Why not break a break of it and stay over at the eco-friendly Three Towers Hotel at Slieve Aughty Centre - contact details here >>

Please note that each course can only go ahead with a minimum of 3 participants. When you purchase your ticket you will be emailed and asked to list other courses you are interested in. If your first choice is not available, you will be notified and transferred to your second/third choice.

Price From EUR130/person
Total 130 EUR

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