Off-grid living course - 3 Days

Off Grid Living Human Animal

Off Grid Living Course with Human Animal, UK

Without all the everyday ‘essentials’ that we take for granted in life, water, electricity, gas, heating…all those things that we are in such a privileged position to have at the touch of a button or the twist of a tap.

Sometimes we just need to disconnect, to digitally detox and re-kindle our inner abilities to survive on wit and instinct. Hunt and gather our food, make shelters and fires or woodburners, keep ourselves safe in the process.

Want to live off grid?
Even if you are not ready to give up modern life completely, skills acquired on how to live off-grid are so useful in the event of a major catastrophe or for wild camping and exploring. We can teach you skills to greatly improve your chances of survival or allow you a wonderful life living off grid.

Off Grid Living – 22 – 24th October 2020
PLEASE NOTE – PRICE IS IN STERLING: £315.00 per person