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Irelands Ancient Food Feast

Irelands Ancient Food Feast

Dine Like A Druid on this Seaweed, Coastal and Hedgerow Wild Food Forage & Feast.

Join The Sea Gardener as we forage for wild food on land and shore and enjoy the foods eaten by the earliest settler’s on the Waterford Coast. Learn how to identify edibles and gather wild food as we forage for seaweed and wild plants to be enjoyed as part of our cook up in the remnants of a 1000 year old castle. 

 We’ll enjoy wild foods such as Orache, Dandelion, Knotweed, Sea Lettuce, Watercress, Nasturtium, Calendula, Sea purslane, Sea arrowgrass, Samphire; Sea Beet/Wild mushroom/Hazelnut tarts; Periwinkles, Raw Fraughan and Hazelnut Cake and Meadowsweet Fritters amongst others, all washed down with Yarrow tea, Dandelion Root Coffee, Beech Noyeau, Local Metalman Ale and Elderflower Cordial! 

Pre-Booking Essential

Date: June 16th. 11 am – 3 pm. 
Price: €60 per person
Location: Annestown Beach and the De Paor Castle Ruin on the Copper Coast, Waterford

This is a 4-5 hour event, including seaweed, coastal and hedgerow forage and cook-up. Suitable Outdoor Clothing should be worn. More details will be provided upon booking. 


The first people to arrive in Co. Waterford were hunter-gatherers and they settled along the coast and river estuaries 8500 or so years ago. The venue for our foraging – Annestown Strand provides red, green and brown edible seaweeds and shore molluscs, such as periwinkles and the hedgerows and verges of the Anne Valley offer a range of wild leaves and fruits (the delicious leaves of meadowsweet, clover and comfrey) some of which we will have prepared in advance for our feast.  

Having foraged for our wild food, we will cook up a tasty feast outdoors in the remains of the dining hall of the magical De Paor Castle. Although this is a Norman Castle, it is widely considered that a Mesolithic settlement is likely to have existed on this site: a bluff overlooking a river, just 1 km from the sea, which would have provided almost all of the food and materials needed for survival in ancient times. 

Spending time outdoors in nature is one of the best ways to relax. Identifying edibles and gathering wild food connects us even more to the natural world. Imagining the life of Mesolithic settlers allows us to consider simpler, more sustainable ways of life. Ireland’s Ancient Feast was designed to enable us to do all this in a fun and convivial way.

To be able to do this in such a beautiful place and to appreciate the wildness that is still present, to some degree, in the Anne Valley is a magnificent gift.

We need to hold onto these natural places and resist the attempt to “develop” them in any way. Overgrown verges, unpolluted beaches, old-style country roads with little or no car traffic, tree & scrub-covered glens, stream and wetland (all places with wild foods growing in them), quietness, and the remnants of a 1000 year old castle provide the perfect setting for this wild food feast!

Here are some reactions from last years’ participants:
The location for the session was spectacular, Annestown Beach and then the De Paor Castle ruin

Your day allowed me to discover the Copper Coast, when travelling from Cork I have never before turned right in Dungarvan!!

The feast was amazing as it put into taste and showed use of the wild foods collected.
The preparation that went into this relaxed feast was very professional. I had no idea that when we climbed up into the venue that it would be laid out so beautifully and that we would really be feasting!!!.”

We had a wonderful time at the event! We enjoyed all aspects of it – loved it all!! It was great value for money and we would definitely recommend it to people with similar interests.”

The castle setting was a real novelty and the atmosphere/standard of presentation of food was excellent!

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