Forage and Feast

Wild Food Foraging for Groups

Discover the world of incredible edibles with a group Forage & Feast event. 

Learn how Fat Hen seed is very similar to quinoa, what leaves make the best teas, the hidden fruits in our hedgerows that can be used to make delightful infusions, jellies and more! Open your eyes to the natural world that surrounds you and learn how these tremendous treasures offer us medicinal uses, food and beautification.

Perhaps you prefer a Seaweed Safari Experience? Follow in the steps of our ancestors and learn how to identify, dry, store and cook this incredible food harvested fresh from the shores. Learn how to harvest sustainably as you’re introduced to Sleabhcàn Seaweed, the Atlantic version of Nori, used for making laver bread; Gut Seaweed great in salads, raw or stir fries; Wrack Seaweed, a natural beauty ingredient often used in Seaweed Baths…

Fancy cooking up your Foraged Finds? Book a guided forage where you will not only learn how to identify natures’ bounty but will also learn how to prepare it by creating a delicious meal for your group to enjoy alongwith a glass or two of your favourite tipple!

Suitable for groups of 6 persons or more. Perfect for unique Hen or Stag Pre-Party fun, Clubs and Societies and SME’s looking to get out and about in a fresh and fun environment.

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