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A Unique Distribution Channel to help Eco Tourism businesses grow

Eco Active Events, established in 2013, is a Membership Based Online Community Platform that promotes and showcases eco friendly activities and events to a nature and travel loving audience that care about the planet, making it easy for them to find and book unique authentic experiences.

Key Challenges

A key challenge for our members is reaching their potential customers. Eco Active Events offers a unique distribution channel that will help this sector to grow in a sustainable way. 

Membership Options:

EcoActive Friends: Only €10 per month

  • Add events to our events listings which are then shared across our social channels
  • Be part of the EcoActive Community – Enjoy the benefits of being part of our community: learning, inspiring, supporting and sharing a sustainable future.
  • Addition to Monthly Eco Blog which is shared across Social Channels to our dedicated followers

EcoActive Friend With Benefits: Only €20 per month

As Above PLUS:

  • Dedicated Community Landing Page showcasing your business with your contact details and social media embedded so people can watch your videos, see your tweets/facebook posts, listen to podcasts etc
  • Quarterly dedicated blog highlighted your news/events, perfect for seasonal news.
  • Preferred Partner status for group enquiries

Managed Membership – €40 per month

As per Friends with Benefits PLUS

As per Friends with Benefits PLUS managed event listings. Managed Membership is where we will upload your events for you. We can take the information from your website or social channels or you can supply it by email and we will format and upload it for you. Fair usage applies.

Join The Eco Adventure – Become an Eco Active Member

Membership Options

Planet Before Profit

We reinvest all profits from into improving the ways we can support our Members and local communities across Ireland and globally. By joining Eco Active you are supporting our vision for informing, inspiring and participating in a sustainable future. Call Roz on +353 (0)83 804866 or email Play[at]

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Our 2014 EcoTour was hugely successful both in promoting those we visited and inspiring our readers to live a more sustainable life choosing eco friendly holidays and products. In 2020 we plan to visit more eco friendly places to spread the word on the many exciting and forward thinking projects across the planet. Be Part Of the Adventure!

Audience Reach:

Annual reach of over 1.6 Million through our Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Soundcloud and YouTube Channels. We have a loyal and dedicated fan base online and offline and continuously strive to expand our reach, and therefore that of our Members, through relationship building, conferences and promotions. Our background is in tourism, horticulture and web / digital, giving our team a unique skill set that supports our passion for sustainable living.

Demographics Overview:

  • 65% female. 35% male
  • AGE: 35-44= 29% | 25-34= 27.5% | 45-54= 22% | 55-64= 13.5% | 65+= 8%
  • 55% Ireland (Dublin,Cork, Wicklow, Galway are top 4 areas) Followed by USA 19%, France 6%, UK 6% (remainder divided across Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil… )

Reaching Your Ideal Customer Base

  • Our easy to use responsive website allows our users to easily find, explore and book your events, contact you and discover your unique selling point!
  • Be Noticed Online Through Our Social Sharing
    We are busy online regularly building key relationships and sharing information via Social Media Platforms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, LinkedIn etc
  • Friends With Benefits Get A Dedicated Community Landing Page showcasing your business with your contact details and social media embedded so people can watch your videos, see your tweets/facebook posts, listen to podcasts etc
  • Friends With Benefits are included in our preferred partner database for group packages – We often get enquiries for small and large groups and our members are given first priority in presenting an offer or package.
  • Add Your Events & Offers
    Easily add your events and offers as often as you like which are then shared to our subscriber database and across social.
  • Opportunity to Guest Blog on the site
    Members who are interested in submitting relevant blog/s or guest blogging are welcome to do so, which will then be optimized for search engines and shared.