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Key Challenges

A key challenge for our members is reaching their potential customers. Eco Active Events offers a unique distribution channel that will help this sector to grow in a sustainable way. 

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  • Add Your Events
  • Blogs
  • Social networking
  • Online Booking Ability
  • Preferred Partner for Group Enquiries
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • E-zine Inclusion
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Over 15 years online marketing and web development experience and over 10 years travel and hospitality experience. This along with a passion for nature and sustainability makes us the perfect match for promoting the eco side of your business

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    Be part of the EcoActive Community – Enjoy the benefits of being part of our community: learning, inspiring, supporting and sharing a sustainable future.

    • Add events to our events listings which are then shared across our social channels
    • Addition to our Eco Blog which is shared across Social Channels to our dedicated followers
    • Social Sharing – We’ll interact and share with your company across social platforms building relationships and raising your profile
    • Guest Blog – Invitation to guest blog and show your thought leadership
    • Preferred Partner status for group and corporate enquiries
    • Dedicated Community Landing Page showcasing your business with your contact details and social media embedded so people can watch your videos, see your tweets/facebook posts, listen to podcasts etc
    • Online Booking AbilitySubject to 15% commission and available only for events priced over €65 per person
    • Ezine insert – Inclusion to our community newsletter

    We can also create a custom-made digital marketing bundle to meet your needs. To book or to find out more please contact us to discuss.

    Join The Eco Adventure – Become an Eco Active Member.
    Contact Roz on +353 (0)83 8054866 or Email

    Who can benefit from joining Eco Active?

    who should join eco active
    If your business focuses on on minimising negative impact while learning about the environment and contributing to environmental protection through nature friendly events, workshops or services then get in touch!

    If you offer any of the below, you can benefit from joining EcoActive…

    • Foragers
    • Accommodation Providers
    • Green Energy Providers
    • Nature Experiences
    • Farmers Markets
    • Food and Drink Trails
    • Food Festivals
    • Adventure Activity Providers
    • Greenways
    • Crafts
    • Galleries
    • Unique Workshops
    • Seaweed Safaris
    • Camping Providers
    • Outdoor Skills
    • Mountaineering / Hiking / Guided Walks
    • Kayaking / Canoeing /Watersports
    • Electric Bike Trails
    • Alternative Tourism Providers
    • Yoga / Wellness / Retreats
    • Educational Workshops / OECs
    • Natural Cosmetics / Herbalists
    • Traditional Crafts
    • Green Retail
    • Social Clubs

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    Planet Before Profit

    We reinvest all profits from into improving the ways we can support our Members and local communities across Ireland and globally. By joining Eco Active you are supporting our vision for informing, inspiring and participating in a sustainable future. Call Roz on +353 (0)83 804866 or email Play[at]

    Interested In Sponsoring an EcoTour? Contact Us Today >>

    Our 2014 EcoTour was hugely successful both in promoting those we visited and inspiring our readers to live a more sustainable life choosing eco friendly holidays and products. In 2020 we plan to visit more eco friendly places to spread the word on the many exciting and forward thinking projects across the planet. Be Part Of the Adventure!