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  • All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025 Published
    The new All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP) represents the second phase of this very successful project. It presents a 5-year roadmap that aims to help bees, other pollinating insects and our wider biodiversity by engaging communities, local authorities, farmers, schools and businesses, among others, to take action for nature. There are 186 actions to help biodiversity, […]
  • Climate Action Bill Published
    GHP Comment: This will have major consequences for the tourism & hospitality sector over the next decade. Carbon Taxes, already increasing annually, is just the first step – each sector will be required to reduce Carbon Emissions by 50% by 2030. Do you know how to do this? Green Hospitality has a Carbon Smart and […]
  • No Mise en Plastic
    By Jack Feeny, No Mise En Plastic, a free resource putting plastic out of place in the kitchen. GHP Comment:This is a great resource for kitchens to start with eliminating Single use Plastic (SUP).It can be done and has practitioners in Ireland achieving it – Ashford Castle reduced clingfilm use by 87%.The secret is in […]
  • Water Charge Increases deferred
    GHP Comment: Good news for the sector – the 5-100% increases in water charges has been deferred until 1st October 2021. BUT – Do not bury your head in the sand – every business should be calculating their expected increase – based on 2019 consumption data – and taking action now to reduce consumption by: […]
  • Sustainability officer moves into the C-Suite
    GHP Comment: Interesting Irish Times piece today – The business world is embracing sustainability as a core business practice – as a service industry tourism is way too far behind and still sees this as just an add-on, if we have time! Those who have made the move are already reaping the benefits. The pace […]
  • Too many boardrooms are climate incompetent
    GHP Comment: Many executives believe that they have the skills and knowledge to respond to this challenge. Few have, but ego and hubris are powerful forces. This is not reserved for private sector boardrooms – it also effects public sector organisations – Ask yourself – Which Irish Tourism Organisation – State or private – has […]
  • Major climate poll supports ‘global emergency’
    GHP Comment: Read our previous post – the Irish Government and Irish Business leaders just don’t get it. They fill the air with the word “Sustainability” without understanding what it means and where Climate Change fits – we’ll get to it after we recover back to our previous business levels is what I am hearing […]

RSS Eco News From Around The Globe

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