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  • Bathroom Toiletries – Cartridge or Refillable
    GHP Comment: This study suggests hotels should not offer refillable dispensers as they would be exposing their customers to greater risk. Dispenser Survey – USA The post Bathroom Toiletries – Cartridge or Refillable appeared first on Ghaward.
  • Sustainability key for future-proofing businesses
    There is a growing willingness among businesses to become more sustainable, although many will wonder how they can do so without putting their bottom line under significant pressure.  The PwC Business Leaders Series – Responsible Business held in Dublin recently, hopefully went some way to answering that.  The summit’s keynote speaker was Steve Howard, the former chief […]
  • Christmas shows our approach to climate change is crackers
    Pricewatch: About 15m crackers will be pulled in Ireland over festive season Irish Times 25/11/2019 Conor Pope1 According to Repak, Ireland will generate almost 90,000 tonnes of packaging waste this Christmas.Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to Email App With all the talk of the green surge in the local and European elections earlier this year, […]
  • Air fares could rise 30% due to EU tax increases
    Commission eyeing carbon levy – economist Colm McCarthy Irish Times – 25/11/2019 Barry O’Halloran It is calculated that a 30% increase in air fares would cut traffic by around the same figure. Photograph: Getty ImagesShare to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to Email AppShare to LinkedIn Air travellers face potential fare increases of up to 30 per […]
  • Did you know Ireland has its first carbon-neutral hotel?
    Since starting its sustainability efforts, Hotel Doolin’s business has grown 30pc. Why aren’t more hotels following suit? Pól Ó Conghaile   November 16 2019 2:00 AM GHP Comment: A great shout out from Pol O Conghaile It really is a good question – why are so many hoteliers so slow to react – are they frightened […]
  • Ireland’s denial as flight-shaming clouds gather over tourism
    GHP Comment: The Irish Tourism sector is slowly waking up to the fact that it must adopt Climate Change Friendly policies – even if it doesn’t believe that our Tourism Sector will be negatively impacted by the societal changes that are underway due to the fears of consumers worldwide, a belief mirroring that of the […]
  • “Sustainability” a Key Criteria in Hiring Talent and Executives in Hospitality 1/11/2019 AETHOS Advises Sustainability Goals Connect to Compensation By Thomas Mielke, Managing Director, AETHOS Consulting Group London Sustainability as a critical goal in hospitality today has become mainstream. Whereas in the past the industry would have mainly focused on the environmental and economic impact of the initiatives, it seems that a third pillar – the […]

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