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Eco Tour of Ireland

Eco Tour of Ireland

Setting off Nationwide from Dublin September 21st to October 03rd 2014 Covering EcoActivities such as Local Food Producers, Organic Farms, Eco Cabins, Eco Activities, Seaweed Baths, Craft Experiences, Foraging walks and So much more……! Yes, I have decided to get out from behind my desk and embark on …

All Aboard The Eco Tour!

Eco Tour 2014

Eco Active Tour of Ireland We will be Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Google Sharing and Generally shouting from the rooftops about YOUR business on our Eco Tour!I will be travelling around the country calling in to each of you who wish to be included to blog, …

Eco Tour Itinerary

ecotour ireland

Eco Tour Itinerary: My 2 week ecotour journey around Ireland: Sunday 21 September Rock Farm Slane, Co Meath Autumn Equinox gathering on 21st September. Glamping stayover Monday 22 September Lough Bishop House, Co Meath Organic Farm & BB – Tour and stayover – local attractions …