To provide a platform for local and rural businesses with a true interest and focus on sustainability so that they can thrive and therefore support their local communities also.

To share and inform people from around the globe small scale alternatives to standard commercial mass tourism that support local communities and nature.

To Inspire self care and healthier choices in the way we live our lives through example and by providing information on courses and events that give the tools needed to make these changes.

Planet Before Profit - We reinvest all profits from ecoactiveevents.com into improving the ways we can support our Members and local communities across Ireland and globally.

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Why We LOVE What We Do!

EcoActiveEvents.com is a place to be educated, inspired and informed on a range of eco friendly and self care activities and events. Join our community of nature lovers who understand and value sustainable practices. By supporting Eco Active Events you are supporting local business across Ireland and the UK.

Trusted Community

We personally meet our providers and check out the experiences ourselves to ensure that our guests have an outstanding experience every time.

Authentic Local Experiences

All our events are brought to you by people who simply LOVE what they do and want to share it with YOU!

Planet Before Profit

We are so passionate about Ecotourism and sustainable travel that we re-invest all profits back into the business so that we can promote and support more Eco SME's.

Collaboration is Key

By working together our community support one another leading to a better life work balance and in harmony with nature.


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Eco News From Around The Globe

Baya Storyteller

Baya is a storyteller, a performance artist and a motivational speaker. Her courses and events offer a unique brand of storytelling which blends research with current day applications and performances. She speaks at training events and conference Baya has also contributed to the revival of …

Events Coming Up

The Season has begun! It’s time to get back outdoors and meet new people so join us on an eco adventure. Our Members have some great and interesting events coming up including a really fun outdoor coastal food forage with a cook up where you will …